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2019 IPO Championship

Regional Officers
Regional Director

My name is Chris Thompson and I am the Southeast Regional Director. 
I am confident that my leadership will be good for our region. Being a business owner, trainer, and a competitor, I am certain that I am qualified to handle the task and responsibilities of Regional Director. I will keep an open line of communication, as well as being open to changes that can make our region the best region in USCA.
Bio and accomplishments:

* Began schutzhund in the early 90’s with Rottweilers
* In 1999 started training American Bulldogs with Triangle Schutzhund Club
* About 6 years ago I began training German Shepherd dogs
* Member of USCA for 10 years and operated North Beach Schutzhund Club for the last 5.
* Titled 6 American Bulldogs as well as 7 German Shepherd Dogs
* Competed in several National events with 3 different German Shepherd Dogs
* Fortunate last year to be selected to participate in the WUSV Qualification trial
* Hosted the 2012 & 2015 Southeast Regional Championships
* Probationary USCA Judge.

Thank you for your support. I understand that this position requires a great deal of volunteer time within the region and at the executive board level. I have the time available and am optimistic about our future. I have an excellent working relationship with many on the executive board and will proudly and diligently represent the interests of this region.
I ask that you read the bios below of the rest of the “Team”. I am confident that they are capable of handling their respective positions. Please feel free to call or write me to discuss any issues/questions/concerns that you may have about me or the future of our region and the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.​

Assistant Regional Director

My name is Richard Shook and I am Assistant Regional Director for the Southeast Region of United Schutzhund Clubs of America. I have been involved in schutzhund training since 1991 and attended my first schutzhund trial in 1992, which happened to be the Southeast Regional Championship in Statesboro, Georgia. I have since titled numerous dogs to SchH/IPO 3 qualifying and competing at the USCA National IPO Championship 5 times with 4 different dogs. I competed at the 1995 FCI World Championship in Finland with my dog Caine Manor Jacob, who also finished Fourth Place at the USCA North American Championship that same year. I am currently training a female German Shepherd Dog "Maggie Galan Nalag", she is IPO3. I have earned the level of Teaching Helper with USCA. I first did trial helper work in 1992. I have the helper book number 284 and have worked 470 dogs in trials since my book was issued in 1998. Included in those numbers are National Events for USCA, USRC, WRSF, and the AWDF. I have also done helper work at 4 USCA Southeast Regional Championships. Perhaps my biggest accomplishments are the countless handler/dog teams I have helped realize their goals in the IPO sport. I have been the primary protection helper for numerous dogs that have qualified and competed at the WUSV World championship. I have recently been the protection training director for the 2013 AWMA National Champion. I am currently the President and Training Director for Piedmont Schutzhund Club. PSC has been a full member club of USCA since 2009. In the last 2 years we have hosted 4 IPO trials, 1 helper seminar/classification, and 1 Regional Conformation Show. Most of our IPO trials contain upwards of 30 dogs, all most all from our club. Piedmont SchH Club is one of, if not the largest clubs in the region. We host numerous successful events every year. I have gained the leadership skills, service mentality, and team spirit as the President and Training Director of PSC to be a great Assistant Regional Director. I have spent the last two years as the Regional Training Director, and have gained great insight into how our region operates, and the decisions the regional leadership must deal with. I first met Chris Thompson in the late 1990's, and we have become vey good friends over the years. I know Chris will be a great Regional Director, and I have the skills and experience to help him with this important task.​


My name is Tobi Elbel, and I am the Secretary of the Southeast Region. I have been a member of USCA since joining Carolina Schutzhund Club in 2002. I was extremely fortunate to be mentored by two World Team members, several National level competitors, and a National level Helper. They all welcomed me into the sport and gladly shared their knowledge with me. Carolina Schutzhund Club is committed to maintaining that spirit today, and takes great pride in our members as they grow in IPO. Over the past 13 years, I have been secretary and show chairperson for two Regional Conformation Championships, trial secretary and event chair for a Regional IPO Championship, and trial secretary for multiple club trials. I raised and trained my first IPO dog, Heiko vom Schloss Ludwig, to SchH3, FH, and KKL1. Although we never reached the podium, we competed at two Regional Championships, including a 99pt protection routine that I will never forget. Heiko was my constant companion and taught me an enormous amount. Along the way I trained and handled many other dogs in IPO and conformation; including preparing for and showing in 5 North American Sieger shows. Currently I have a young female GSD with tons of potential that I am thoroughly enjoying training. My professional career has always focused on animals – from behavioral primatologist, zookeeper, and veterinary assistant to pharmaceutical sales and Operations Manager of a Veterinary Distributor. Developing proficiencies in written communication, organization, and record keeping has been vital to my professional career, and proved to be my strengths as trial secretary and event chairperson. I believe those skills and my personal experience – professional and in dog sport – will make me an asset to the Southeast Region as its Secretary.​

Training Director

My name is Gary McGillivary and I am the current Southeast Region Training Director. I am an Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon and have been Chief of Hand Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta since 1997. 
I have been involved with USCA for over 10 years. I have titled a number of dogs that were HOT to IPO3 and my last dog was shown at several National and Regional events. I am currently bringing a young competition dog along and just titled him to IPO1 at the 2015 SE Regional Championship. He also received "High IPO1" and "High Track". I have been doing training helper work, have been a club president and I am on the board of a club as well. I am also a National committee member. 
I hope to bring some enthusiasm to training in the Southeast region. It will need some discussion but I would like to see a Regional Training weekend and a Regional Helper Seminar every year! 

Breed Warden

My name is Patricia Baysden and I am the Regional Breed Warden for the Southeast Region. A little about me. I have been involved in Schutzhund for about 25 years. Schutzhund is truly a wonderful sport and I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great folks and their dogs. I received my first BH with my first dog, Alli, at Fayetteville Schutzhund Club under Carla Griffith and have been hooked ever since. Many, many mistakes and learning experiences later (5 years to be exact) we received our SchH3. She was truly a dog well versed in the mistakes of a novice handler and came thru with flying colors. I have titled 3 dogs from puppies to SchH3, all from my breedings. My last dog and the love of my life is Quigley vom haus Baysden, who I trained from a puppy to a SchH3 and showed him in confirmation with a V rating and a breed survey for life of KKL1. I took him to the Regionals three times and had a fantastic time doing it. It is so wonderful to get out there and see just what you and your dog can do together and I loved every minute of it. He is retired now and just turned 9 and I am working on training his son as we speak, Newman vom haus Baysden. Coastal Carolina Schutzhund Club is where I train and we have hosted a Regional and 2 Confirmation and Breed Survey Shows and have gotten pretty good at them. Hosting the 2015 Confirmation Show in October of this year, hope to see everyone there! My proudest achievement is the three Schutzhund dogs that trained to a 3 level have have been from my kennel and they are Alli vom haus Baysden bred to Frack vom haus Baysden which produced Quigley vom haus Baysden. All raised from puppies and taken to SchH3 and Frack and Quigley acquired their breed surveys for life. Quigley (Sirk) is the first KKL1 that I have done. Now I am working on his son. Well, enough about me, I absolutely love the sport and for the new guys, hang in there and just have a great time with your dog!​

USCA Southeast Region
Photo: Brian Aghajani Photography